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Find out more about the services we offer to help businesses and organisations meet their compliance requirements without distracting from what they do best.

About Privada

Disrupting the compliance landscape

Our philosophy is simple: you know what your business does best, and you need to concentrate on getting that done. Compliance shouldn't be a burden that takes key staff away from their mainline activities, or that costs organisations huge amounts of time and/or money, only to be told that things “can't be done”.

Instead, Privada's focus is on you, the organisational decisionmaker, and your business, charity or organisation. Our data protection services put you first, removing the unnecessary burden placed upon you by difficult-to-understand legislation. Why become an expert in something other than your own activity? Leave it to us, and our experts will help you demonstrate compliance in a way that benefits your activity, not that distracts from it.

Our background & expertise

Privada's staff comprises a wealth of expertise from IT to non-profits, law enforcement to public relations. If we don't have experience of your industry, we'll gain it in order to help you. But most of all, we're experts in data protection and privacy legislation, compliance and management.